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Zanzibar northern west beaches

Often travelers are faced with the question “Where should I stay in Zanzibar?” after saving & yearning about your vacation in Zanzibar it is just right for you to know where you should stay, which side of the island you should stay, the best & right answer on this is you need to stay at different parts of Zanzibar as they slightly differ and to your benefit, we are going to share insights on this,

Zanzibar northern-west beaches

The northwest part of Zanzibar is made up of the most popular beaches Nungwi & Kendwa, these beaches are within walking distance from each other, border each other & are very similar

Nungwi beach

This is the north most tip of Zanzibar, this is the most popular beach in Zanzibar as a result of its beauty and stunning sunsets, on this beach fishing boats still launch a scene unchanged for centuries but they are overlooked by a long line of hotels and resorts, this resorts offering a variety of water activities and sports (jet ski, parasailing, scuba diving, etc.), also there is a natural turtle sanctuary. this is what will say as the most active beach in Zanzibar in term of activities also with a party-like atmosphere as it has bars but nothing like any party beaches on the world

Why Nungwi
  • Plenty of water activities
  • A high number of tourists (if you are socially active or a solo traveler and would like to meet people)
  • Party like atmosphere (beach with most bars)
  • Turtle sanctuary
  • Favorable tidal patterns that ensure swimming at all hours
like all other places, Nungwi is not all good let’s get to why some traveler opt to avoid a stay in Nungwi
  • A high number of tourists (definitely not overcrowded in comparison to crowded beaches in the world)
  • Less peaceful, you can be constantly harassed by beach boys and beach merchants
  • Nungwi resorts are higher priced in comparison to other beaches (with exception of kendwa)

Kendwa beach

Kendwa beach is adjacent to Nungwi, located just south of Nungwi these beaches share similarities with Nungwi. With both beaches being very popular, beautiful, stunning sunsets, water activities and favorable for swimming at all hours

Kendwa Rocks Beach

Full moon party, this party is hosted by Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel on the beach it is a great visit if you are in nungwi or kendwa. With a delicious grill menu, amazing acrobats & fire eaters, dance music, can also chill on the beach or join the dancing crowd. This full moon parties mostly happens on a Saturday night

Activities to do in Nungwi & Kendwa

These beaches are relatively close and in walking distance so they share the same activities

  • Mnemba Atoll, this tour goes to shores of Mnemba Island with great coral reefs it is perfect for snorkeling
  • Visit mnarani aquarium or turtle sanctuary
  • Scuba diving
  • Full moon party (each full moon)
  • Water sports (jet ski, parasailing, etc)
  • Sunset dhow cruise
  • Buggy tours
  • Snorkeling

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Zanzibar eastern beaches

The east part of Zanzibar has many beaches mostly characterized by low tides unlike the north, west tides on this side are less favorable for a swim meaning you have to walk far out in the sea to swim. Paje, jambiani, matemwe, kiwengwa, pwani mchangani, uroa, pongwe etc all these beaches are in the east coast of Zanzibar

A popular activity on the east coast is kite surfing especially in Paje, which is the most popular of the eastern beaches but still with fewer tourists in comparison to the northern beaches. If you wish for more laid back places you should consider the east side

Why the east coast of Zanzibar?
  • Less popular, so fewer travelers
  • Peaceful, unlike the north, there is fewer beach boys and beach merchants on the east coast
  • Lower budget, resorts cost less in comparison to the accommodation in the northern beaches
where in the east coast

Matemwe beach

(the longest beach in Zanzibar) North East Zanzibar found slightly to the east of the Zanzibar north tip. contrary to the more northern beaches, it can be tidal is now on rising popularity and it can now get a bit busy.

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Pongwe beach

has one of the only east coast beaches which isn’t tidal, lucky in the fact that the whole beach is protected by an offshore reef, which keeps the inner waters calm and safe for all to swim in. As such, if you like long beach walks, it is maybe not for you as you don’t get a sweeping beach picture, but it does give you a certain little slice of luxury in as much privacy as you can get on the island. If you don’t have a huge budget, then Pongwe is hands down the best place to stay in Zanzibar.  

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Kiwengwa beach

is a great beach for families with kids. Across the beach, there are major hotel establishments with standard swimming pools and facilities. There are also provisions for budget options – smaller lodges as well as Airbnb houses for rent. Swimming at Kiwengwa beach is not always possible, especially at low tide, so in some cases, it’s better to stick to the swimming pool facilities in your accommodation.

Paje & Dongwe Beach southeast Zanzibar.

Paje Beach is known for its water sports and the excellent kitesurfing conditions draw amateur and professional kitesurfers from all over the world to this specific area of the island. Paje has more accommodation options which we like to recommend than in the Northern parts. Situated on the mid-east coast of the island, Paje and Dongwe’s beaches are long and sweeping giving that the classic Indian Ocean feels, but again, it can be tidal. You get some super luxury and intimate options though

Michamvi beach

Michamvi is a peninsula on the central east coast of the island. Although there are two large beach resorts in the area, Michamvi feels remote and has long stretches of empty beaches to explore. The peninsula consists of two parts, Michamvi-Pingwe and Michamvi-Kae.

On the eastern side is Michamvi-Pingwe, with a vibrant coral lagoon and beautiful palm-fringed beaches set in a string of scenic coves between high coral-rag cliffs. On the western side is Michamvi-Kae, which faces west towards Chwaka Bay.

Bwejuu beach, South East Zanzibar

is one of the top beaches in Zanzibar. This white sandy beach is lined with palm trees and is only an hour and a half away from Stone Town. It’s one of the quietest parts of Zanzibar and a popular choice for those seeking total relaxation, peace, and privacy.

There are plenty of activities and excursions to do around the area, including a mangrove forest and dhow boat trip, a visit to the local village of Bwejuu, a reef safari, snorkeling, and diving, a visit to Stone Town, or a day trip to the Jozani Forest, which is home to the Red Colobus Monkey.

Jambiani, South (South!) East Zanzibar

Jambiani is a great place to visit for the best kite surfing on the island as there are consistently good winds. However, our favorite hotels are admittedly up the road towards Paje and Dongwe

Zanzibar western beaches & stone town

The west coast of Zanzibar is more popular for its old fort “Stone Town” which is still a present-day major trading part of Zanzibar, with beaches stretching from its left & right these beaches are occupied with ports, fishermen’s boats, also very popular with locals as they surround the major trading part of Zanzibar, it is by far the biggest settlement on the island. However there is the beautiful Naku Penda beach just 20mins from the coast

Stone town

it is the old part of Zanzibar city, the main part of Zanzibar city, the former capital of the Zanzibar sultanate, and the flourishing center of the spice trade as well as the slave trade in the 19th century. This town was the capital of all colonial rulers from Portugal to Oman to Great Britain until it became independent in 1963. To date, it remains the capital of the semi-autonomous government of the Zanzibar archipelago. It’s a mix of African, Arabic, and colonial styles all packed into one city. Because of all the unique influences, Stone Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000!

Each twist and turn through the narrow streets of the stone town will bring you to something new as you lose yourself in centuries of history. The best way to get a feel for this city is to wander around the narrow maze of streets. You’ll get lost, but that’s half the fun!

You’ll also probably be able to tell quickly that a lot of things haven’t been properly maintained since the colonial era. The older facades of the buildings are part of what gives Stone Town it’s unique charm!

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Stone Town itself is fairly small with a population of just 16,000 residents living inside the city in 2016. The town’s economy is now primarily based on tourism and it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Tanzania.

FUN FACT: Stone Town is one part of Zanzibar City. The other area of the city is called Ng’ambo, which is more modern. Stone Town is the more historical section. So if you see the two names used interchangeably, it’s because Stone Town is part of Zanzibar City!

Zanzibar southern beaches

With Kizimkazi and Mtende beaches, the south side is home to little fishing villages, Here, a coral rag cliff elevates the waterfront above the ocean, and the beaches take the form of small coves rather than broad expanses of sand. For this reason, there are fewer accommodation options and the area has a distinct and authentic atmosphere. this side is low key only quite popular for doing a dolphin tour, it is easier to spot dolphins if you take boat cruises from these beaches

Tanzania Exclusive & Private Islands

There are several private islands you can head to & stay if you are looking for privacy or something exclusive

Mnemba Island,

A beautiful privately owned island on the northeast of Zanzibar, the island is privately owned by &beyond with protected pristine coral reefs & a blissful beach this is for you if you are looking for privacy on your honeymoon or just want an exclusive beach. They have just 10 bandas made with naturally occurring materials that seem to blend into the lush tropical vegetation. Mkeka mats cover the patio floor outside where baraza sofas are placed for relaxing. The walls are constructed of the woven palm while the roofs are made with makuti thatch.

Chumbe Island Coral Park.

The island has just 7 pastoral Eco-bungalows, each offering easy access to the doorstep marine park for snorkeling. Operating on sustainable principles, the bungalows each have two stories with the daybeds and lounge on the lower floor and bedrooms on the higher. You can choose from bungalows with either twin or double beds where African motifs and traditional rural touches create a pleasing coastal ambiance to reside in.

Chapwani Island

is another private island lodge where you can stay that covers just twelve acres of space. This island has 10 economy rooms for guests on their beachfront holiday in this part of East Africa. The rooms are housed in 5 bandas that have two apportioned rooms each. Families and honeymooning couples can stay at the Sunset Villa that has spacious living areas and a mini pool that only the occupants of the villa can use. White walls and palm thatch roofs create an agreeable ambiance for the resort.

Fanjove Island.

As a rule, a 6-bed private island with beautiful beaches in Tanzania costs upwards of $1000 per person per night. Fanjove Private Island has re-written the rules, offering a beautiful slice of remote African wilderness for a third of that price. Popularly referred to as ‘pirate chic’, this is not luxurious like it’s not too distant neighbors Mnemba or Quilalea, but it does not need to be. Simple and brilliant, this beautiful island is many people’s idea of paradise.

The beach is one of the best in East Africa and for divers or snorkelers, the coral reef presents a chance to explore some as-yet unvisited areas. Snorkeling, diving, and kite-surfing represent the majority of the typical hotel activities on offer at Fanjove.

Thanda Island
Thanda Island x

is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends. It has taken ten years to discover and develop this remarkably uncommon destination as a very special, totally private island getaway. Thanda Island is a tropical island with a single luxurious villa in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Tanzania.

Thanda Island is taken on an exclusive basis only; a tiny island paradise to be enjoyed in complete, luxurious privacy, with family and friends. Here is the ultimate island accommodation in Tanzania, or indeed any of the Indian Ocean coast from South Africa to Kenya! Close to Mafia Island Marine Reserve, and creating its own Marine Reserve environment, this is an exceptional spot for sea safaris, in sparkling seas awash with corals, reef sharks, dolphin and fabulous fish. It is also the site for nesting sea turtles, and the migrating route for humpback whales and vast cruising whale shark. The lodge delights in its location with a wealth of toys – beautiful boats of all kinds, paddle boards, jet skis, snorkels and diving equipment, all for guests’ use.

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